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Cutting-Edge Ministries International (CMI) is the teaching, equipping, and leadership development ministry of Rick Donkor. CMI specializes in providing support to churches and ministries across the United States, by standing with Pastors and church/ministry leaders in the equipping, renewing, training and empowering of their leadership and membership for effective ministry. 

  • Is your ministry at the crossroads, begging for Change?
  • Are you experiencing stagnation in your church or ministry and in dire need of a "jump-start?"
  • Have your members, staff and leadership lost their "fire" - focus, commitment and sense of direction?
  • Do you need to widen your leadership base so your ministry can enjoy continued growth and expansion?
  • Does your church need a Holy Ghost revival and a fresh baptism of fire?
  • Do you need to take your church and ministry to the next level - Spiritually and Financially?

If you can say YES to any of the above...
Cutting Edge Ministries IS YOUR ANSWER.
Rick Donkor comes to you with:

  1. Practical and seasoned Ministry Experience;
  2. A solid theological foundation and background--currently a Doctoral candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of Theology; Pasadena, California.
  3. Over 27 years of full-time, practical, tested and seasoned ministry experience, having served and functioned in different ministry capacities in different cultural contexts - (He knows the terrain and understands the "struggle").
  4. As a Founding member and Associate Minister in one of Ghana's largest and fastest growing non-denominational/independent churches--a ministry that started with only 20 members, mostly high school students, and today runs over seven thousand in current weekly attendance in the mother church alone, with branches and daughter churches worldwide.

Rick functioned as:

  • Associate Evangelist
  • Youth pastor
  • Missionary and Church Planter
  • Senior Pastor (of first church-plant/mission)

In the US, Rick Donkor has served as:

  • Director, Equipper - Discipler and Mentor - Drug & Alcohol Rehab. Home
  • Associate Minister and Pastoral advisor
  • Bible School/School of Ministry Instructor
  • Church Planter and "Equipper" - Discipleship/Leadership
  • Senior Pastor (first  ICGC in the US, California, USA)

Ministry Focus

Corporate Renewal/Revival - Strengthening and "sharpening the cutting edge" of churches and ministries through corporate "spiritual" renewal and rejuvenation.- it is only a spiritually revived membership/staff that can carry the mission and vision of the church to its logical conclusion.

Change Process/Dynamics - Providing guidance and support to churches as they embark on the process of change. Change is a pre-requisite for progress; but change by its very nature can bring out the best, as well as the worst in us; initiating and properly managing the change process by navigating and competently steering departmental/ministry leaders in your church through often uncharted waters of change, its various twists and turns, is essential in enhancing ministry effectiveness.

Church Government/Structure - the leadership structure or government of a church/ministry can either aid or stifle its mission and vision. Understanding the issues in Church government, the leadership(pastoral or otherwise) role and function, the concept of authority and the significance of the supportive ministries(Helps) etc. is essential to releasing the mission of the organization.

Systems Thinking/Approach - the increasing sophistication and complexity of our society (e.g. business, technology, medicine etc.) demands that the church rethink its methods/approaches to ministry. Seeing the church as a system and operating as such is essential in releasing the cutting edge of your church or ministry in this post-modern, post-Christian, digital and information age.

Equipping the Saints (the church) - for the work of the ministry through discipleship, leadership training and development. This training helps the individual member/ministry teams discover, develop and deploy their gifts and skills for effective ministry. An expanding leadership base/pool is the key to your church or ministry's continued expansion.

Missions and Church-Planting - CMI addresses various issues in church planting: e.g. Power and Truth encounters; the Homogenous unit principle; Mono & Cross-cultural church planting; planting Multi-racial and Ethnic churches; the Pauline Paradigm of Church Planting: self-governing, self-supporting and self-propagating etc.

Fostering Racial Healing and Reconciliation - by the power of the gospel. Developing cross-cultural perspectives in a pluralistic society such as ours, is essential in fulfilling the Church's missionary mandate: i.e. "making disciples of ALL NATIONS." (Matthew 28:18)

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