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The Administrative Department/Office of ICGC is committed to the creation of an effective and efficient organizational system that will ensure the smooth and excellent operation of all facets of the organization: personnel, ministries and departments.

In Titus 1:5, the Apostle Paul admonishes his son (Titus) to "Set in order the things that are lacking (in the church) and ordain elders in every city......." This admonishment came on the heels of a successful missionary campaign that had culminated in churches being planted on the island of Crete. The apostle, in this statement, calls for the creation and operation of an effective and efficient organizational and administrative system or structure, without which the new and fledgling church would not survive, much more grow and flourish.

Again, he calls for "decency and order' (1 Cor. 14:31) to be brought into a confused and chaotic situation in the church at Corinth. Although this pertained particularly to their infantile approach to worship, the fact still remains that whether it be worship or general church/office operations, God requires excellence, order, effectiveness and efficiency. The decorum in King Solomon’s Temple provides us with an excellent prototype of the exceptional order, harmony and magnificence God requires us, His people, to bring to His business. It is to the end that our church organization might attain this standard of efficiency, effectiveness and excellence in its operations that a church Administrative Department is established.

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