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Information Age - In this digital and information age, the possibilities that exist for the dissemination of information are unending: Television, Radio, Newspapers, Internet, Twitter, Face book and numerous other forms of social media. The average American is bombarded with over 3000 media marketing messages a day. The church's ability to impact society with the Gospel of Jesus Christ therefore depends on its ability to effectively utilize the various distribution tools available to it.

Sight & Sound Generation - Our generation is a sight and sound generation. Ninety - nine percent (99%) of all learning occurs through these two media: Visual (Sight) - 89%; Audio (Hearing) - 10%. The remaining 1% comprises all other forms of learning formats. In building a strong and solid faith-life the scriptures advocate a continuous hearing of God's Word. (Romans 10:17) Hearing it once does not 'cut it;' it requires repeated hearing of it; hence, the biblical injunction to "incline our ear to wisdom...the knowledge of God" (Proverbs 2: 2-5).

To meet the needs and sustain the interests of today's post-modern audience and to ignite attention through images and words caught on tape: both Video and Audio, the latest technology and most efficient media (audio/visual) have to be employed. This is the premise on which ICGC's Audio/Visual Department is founded.


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