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“So they are no longer two, but one.
 Therefore, what God has joined together, let man not separate."
(Matthew 19:6)

Mission Statement:
ICGC’s Equally-Yoked Couples Ministry is committed to strengthening marriages, by creating a positive and non-threatening venue where married couples can fellowship (recognize the vital importance and purpose of marriage,) bond, grow, increase their understanding of their marital roles (as husbands and wives) – from a Christian perspective. ICGC believes that churches have an obligation to help sustain marital bonds and relationships, and help couples live up to the vows they promised each other, within the church and before God.  It is the intention of this ministry to be a witnessing example of this essential role, using a Christ-and bible-centered approach.

To this end, the Equally-Yoked Couples Ministry will host seminars, retreats, and socials events, aimed at assisting couples to know themselves (gain self-awareness), hone their communication skills and identify areas in their relationships that need help and attention. A good and successful marriage relationship, ICGC believes, is not the result of good intentions, luck or love alone; every marriage, we believe, is a growing process, requiring regular and continuous maintenance (i.e. a good tune-up) to restore and/or maintain the sizzle. Thus it is the responsibility of both parties to the marriage covenant to learn about the subject (of marriage) from a biblical perspective, particularly issues relating to dating, their partner, communication, conflict resolution, intimacy, financial planning and money management, and any other subject that might potentially jeopardize or derail the marriage relationship. It is our hope that through the Equally-Yoked Couples Ministry, and its events, good marriages will be strengthened, troubled marriages will be saved, broken marriages will be reconciled, and couples will receive the spiritual and emotional nourishment needed to enhance their relationships, and thrive in a society already racked by a high divorce syndrome.  

The God-Christ Factor in Marriage:

ICGC believes that the concept or institution of marriage, has divine origins, i.e. Marriage (and family) originated from God. Marriage and family are God’s prerogatives, not man’s. Consequently, for these institutions to survive, have any chance of success or flourish, God has to be in the picture, actively involved in their day to day operation or conduct. A successful and happy marriage and family life is a result of the complete dependence of both husband and wife on God’s sovereign rule and Lordship through Christ. A marriage with God at the center, with both parties totally surrendered to His will, can be likened to “the three-fold cord”, which scripture says, “is not easily broken” (Eccle.4:9-12). Much of the chaos we see in marriages today will cease, if couples will recognize the sanctity or divine nature of the institution, yield to its Author and Creator, and live by His principles governing the institution.


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