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(Judges 6:12-14)


  1. To build a strong ‘army’ of Christian men, who recognize, understand and appreciate their male-ness, masculinity or manhood, and take their God-assigned and rightful places of leadership in the home, family (as fathers & husbands), church and community.
  2. To provide a forum and a safe environment where men can be transparent (with each other), bond, grow, harness their gifts, talents and resources, to encourage, help, strengthen and build up one another, through mutual trust and accountability.
  3. To mobilize all current and prospective male members behind the vision of our church, as given by God to the pastor, and ensuring that the men become responsible stewards, protectors and facilitators of it.


  1. Help all men in ICGC to grow spiritually by cultivating the spiritual disciplines of prayer, bible study, commitment to church, evangelism and ministry.
  2. Develop in our men the vital, but often intangible, inner qualities of faith, strength, courage, honesty, integrity and discipline, qualities which ultimately determine and enhance our outward performance (emphasis here is on BEING - i.e. character formation, as opposed to DOING).
  3. Minister to specific needs of men (e.g. Power, Money and Sex-PMS.) and also to specific categories of men (e.g. Single, Married, Divorced, Gays etc.)
  4. Becoming Role Models to the younger men in the church (Youth) some, or most of whom have no Father-figures or Male role-models in their lives,
  5. Develop a system of ‘adopting’ and mentoring these adolescent boys, first in the things of God, and secondly in the affairs of life ( e.g. developing a work ethic; e.g. Big Brothers of America)
  6. To conduct ‘Mighty Men of Valor’ Seminars on a Monthly or Quarterly basis, as well as retreats and All-Night Prayer Vigils for the men to inspire, motivate and educate each other and other men towards productive ventures and successful living.


  1. To develop programs that enable the men of ICGC to attain balance in every department of their lives: spiritually, socially, physically and financially
  2. Develop recreational activities for the men: sports, barbecues, inter-church games, new sporting events/games
  3. Identify an area or areas of need relative to men, either personally, (e.g personal health and financial concerns) a need in the church (e.g. musical equipment) or community (street/graffiti cleaning), and mobilize the Gideon’s Army to address them through seminars or community outreach programs.
  4. Organize seminars geared toward an aspect or aspects of Men’s deepest needs: Power, Money and Sex (PMS). Occasionally invite experts in various fields etc. to speak on issues of relevance to men in ICGC ((e.g. Financial Planning, Investment & Management, Career Issues - Entrepreneurship, Preparing for the Job Market, Health issues - e.g. Regular Physical exams, Prostate health, Obesity, Blood Pressure & Diabetes issues)  These will be publicized and given a community profile.

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