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(Spiritual Warfare Attack Team)

"My house shall be called
a house of prayer unto all nations."

(Mark 11:17) 

"Men always ought to pray and not to faint."
(Luke 18:1)

The place and significance of prayer in the Father's (God's) business cannot be over-emphasized. Prayer is the foundation of any spiritual enterprise. Through Prayer, we can tap into the supernatural power of God. Prayer is the key that opens the iron gates; it is the Christian’s primary source of strength; it is the weapon that never ceases to expose, halt or neutralize Satan's diabolic devices and schemes. Through prayer, countless miracles have occurred (and still do occur): the sick have been healed, the oppressed have been set free, acts of divine providence have been manifested, wombs condemned and medically labeled as barren, have become fruitful and borne children. Through Prayer, incorrigible lives have been supernaturally and miraculously transformed.


It is worthy to note that the desire to pray is instinctive in all humans - it is not only Christians or the religious who pray; to the contrary the "heathen," i.e. even sworn and avowed atheists pray, especially when confronted with crisis and other adverse life-situations. ‘Mankind’, oftentimes, recognizes his/her limitations when faced with critical life issues, e.g. natural disasters, separation from loved ones, sickness, death etc. and with that recognition, usually comes a reaching and crying out (i.e. prayer) to a "Higher Power or Being."

Many have specialized in using the term, 'Higher Power', for the sake of political correctness. To us at ICGC, however, this "higher power" is no abstract, intangible person or substance, but the Living and Almighty God, the Creator of the universe, and ALL things, both visible (natural) and invisible (spiritual) (Geneses 1:1, John 1:3, Colossians 1:16)


The Bible assumes the existence and reality of God by simply stating that "In the beginning God..." (Genesis 1:1). It does not attempt to prove or explain His reality or existence. God expects humanity to know instinctively that He exists and is real, and to relate to Him accordingly. When God becomes real and personal to a person through faith in the substitutionary work of Christ, He ceases to be a distant and abstract being (or power). He becomes a friend, companion, comforter, healer, provider, the center of one's affection, the silent listener to every conversation – in a real sense, a very personal God, the believer not only recognizes as God, but also Abba Father – an Aramaic term of endearment. It is this personal and dynamic relationship with God (through Christ) that takes the chore out of prayer, and makes it such a wonderful "love-affair" between two spiritual beings - Almighty God and His redeemed People. If two people are truly in love, they love to spend time; quality time, together.


  • Prayer is to the Church, what a Big Mac is to McDonalds - inseparable
  • Prayer is to the human spirit, what breathing is to the body - indispensable
  • Prayer is a love-relationship and fellowship with a loving Father.
  • Prayer is the Believer's weapon of war.
  • Prayer is never one-sided, but two sided, a communion between the believer and Almighty God; communion is always a ‘give and take’ affair.
  • Prayer cannot be limited geographically, because in the realm of the spirit, there is no distance - prayers made in America can touch lives in Africa.
  • Prayer must be made in accordance with the will of God
  • Intercessory Prayer: As a priest (Rev.5:9-10), God has called the Christian to "stand in the gap" for others. Thus, the Christian is like an attorney or advocate, a mediator, pleading the case of others before God - both in the church and in the world.
  • Through Prayer, we plug ourselves into God's Power socket - Hence:

No prayer, no power
Little Prayer, little power
Much Prayer, much power

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