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The Ushering Department of ICGC serves as the initial Point of Entry into ICGC. ICGC's Ushers are the "front-desk" personnel or "customer-service representatives" for the church. They are an extension of the pastor. Their responsibility is to ensure that worshipers enjoy their time of worship at ICGC, by maintaining a sense of order and decorum during the entire service.

ICGC’s ushers are committed to the highest form of service to God, and all worshipers at ICGC, especially, our first-time guests, fully cognizant of the fact that a guest’s initial encounter with an usher (our ‘front-desk reps.’ ) usually forms his or her opinion or impression of the church.


  • There is absolutely no ‘second opportunity’ to make a ‘first impression’; and…
  • Statistically, most people (visitors and/or potential worshipers) make up their minds within the first seven minutes (7min.) of entering a church, whether it is, indeed, the kind of church they would like to bring their families, belong to or worship with.

ICGC’s Ushering Ministry/Department is committed to certain principles and values, to ensure maximum proficiency or excellence in its operations.
Our ushers are COMMITTED to:

  • Punctuality - Our ushers show up earlier than all worshipers, to pray and ensure that the sanctuary and entire premises are ready for the worship service.
  • Ownership - Our ushers have a sense of ownership; their roles, as greeters or ushers, are not simply acts of volunteerism, but a definite call and ministry to which God has assigned them.
  • Waiting on their Ministry - Our ushers spend time praying for, and reflecting on their ministry, its staff and operations.
  • Excellence - Our ushers are committed to efficiency and excellence, always looking for ways to improve - because our God is a God of Excellence.
  • Team-Playing - Our ushers are team players. They believe that Team work makes any Dream work, that together they can make a difference in the lives of worshipers. 
  • People-Orientation - Our ushers are people-oriented; they exude and radiate warmth, friendliness and hospitality, thus creating a sense of security and assurance for all worshipers.
  • Fruit of the Spirit - Our ushers display the fruit of the Spirit in their personal lives, and in the performance of their duties, fully aware that some, if not many, may come to church facing unique challenges, and therefore be weighed down by heavy burdens. Our job, as ushers, is not to add to these burdens, but help alleviate them. This, we believe, calls for love, patience, humility, tact and diplomacy, in short, the fruit of the Spirit (Gal.5:22-23).

Fax: 661-526-2227

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