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The Virtuous Women’s Ministry is an active ministry and department of ICGC, with a goal of mobilizing all women of ICGC behind God’s vision for the church. The Virtuous Women are committed to the holistic application of the Word of God to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional and financial needs of women at ICGC, and within our community, to the end that they will become WOMEN OF VIRTUE, consistent with their name. The Virtuous Women’s Ministry is designed to encourage women to grow in their faith and walk with Christ, fully reflecting God’s character in all areas of life as: wives, mothers, parents, nurturers, leaders, business owners, career women etc., strengthen friendships and relationships with other women, and provide opportunities to reach, serve and impact our community.


  1. The Virtuous Women’s Ministry is committed to meeting the specific and unique needs of women, both in the church and in the community, using a Word - based and Christ -centered approach in its ministry to women.
  2. The Virtuous Women of ICGC are committed to the development of women in all departments of their lives, as outlined in 1st Thessalonians 5:23 (Spiritually, Mentally/Emotionally, Physically and Financially).
  3. The Virtuous Women Ministry will provide a forum for all ladies in ICGC and in the community, to bond and grow, as well as harness, cultivate and utilize their God-given talents, abilities and potential for their personal benefit, the benefit of the community and the kingdom of God as a whole.(1Timothy 4:14-15 and 2 Timothy 1:6).


  1. As a ministry, the Virtuous Women will set goals in line with its broad ministry objectives, and collectively devise ways to achieve them.
  2. The Virtuous Women comes together at least once a month for Prayer, instruction in the Word and Body ministry (fellowship, ministering and strengthening one another).
  3. The Virtuous Women will participate in a variety of activities (e.g. Retreats), geared towards the spiritual growth and development of its membership.
  4. The Virtuous Women will be active in Missions and Outreach to the community, through a series of programs aimed at reaching the different categories of women in our community: married women, single women, divorced women, pregnant women, the elderly, the shut-in, needy. etc.
  5. As we minister to our community, we the Virtuous Women anticipate numerical growth, not only in our membership, but also in the membership of the general church body of ICGC.
  6. In our quest for excellence and unity, the Virtuous Women will seek out other like-minded and progressive women’s ministries who may work collaboratively with us, in joint and mutually beneficial ways and efforts to reach our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  7. The Virtuous Women’s ministry will strive to be self-supporting ministry of ICGC. Thus it will coordinate various fund-raising activities among themselves to support its ministry, community events, outreaches and the church (where possible). We will strive as women to support all other ministries of ICGC (particularly our Youth and Children) not only financially, but in a variety of ways, as the Lord enables us.
  8. The Virtuous Women’s ministry will organize events (e.g. seminars) that address the particular and unique situations or issues that the contemporary Christian woman is confronted with: e.g. The Christian Woman: as a Wife and/or Mother at home, on the Job, as a Single Parent etc. Other issues such as Parenting, Family Planning, Maintaining the sizzle in your relationship may, also be addressed.
  9. The Virtuous Women will seek to promote healthy living and lifestyles among its membership; activities will be designed to foster peace, love and unity in our community while promoting physical, mental and financial fitness and health: (e.g. Aerobics, Various work-out programs, Anger-Management skills, Budgeting, Sound Management etc.) will be encouraged. Also "Ladies Night" events/programs will be scheduled.

Fax: 661-526-2227

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