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Bishop Monte D Ware - PhD.
Senior Bishop –
New Testament
Reformation Movement

 Senior Pastor -
House of Prayer Ecclesiastic (HOPE) Ministries


Dear Pastor Richard Donkor,

      This letter is long over-due; I should have written it a while back, to say “Thank you” for the leadership training you provided for me as Pastor of Living In Christ Faith Ministries. I wanted to send you this letter of appreciation for your diligence and dedication you gave, in serving me and the LICFM family.
      The training you provided us was simply outstanding; the cutting-edge material you shared with us will forever change our hearts, minds, and ministerial outlook.
      Having attended many seminars and training programs, in my capacity as pastor of LICFM, I must say that you gave us more than I could have ever hoped for. My leaders, as well as myself, have a new vigor towards ministry. We have all met to discuss the effects of your Leadership Training, and the specific areas we need to apply our new-found knowledge and insights.
      I want to thank you, also, and especially, for the awesome respect and patience you accorded me. You never embarrassed me in front of my church; even if there was something I didn’t know or understand. You never challenged me publicly in the areas of my ignorance; you never tried to out-shine me or make me look ignorant. You always encouraged me, especially in front of my leaders, though it was apparent that most of your training was a new area of teaching and instruction for me, and for that I thank you.
      Your teaching on Paradigm Shifts, enriched my life, and opened a flood-gate of knowledge, one that created in most of my leaders and I, a hunger to want and know more. It set the tone for the inevitable, but positive changes that we would experience in ministry in subsequent years.
      This letter has, indeed, given me the opportunity to revisit much of your training material, and now that I am the Senior Bishop of the New Testament Reformation Movement, and also the new Pastor of House Of Prayer Ecclesiastic Ministries (H.O.P.E. Min.), I may need you to come back and do a whole new leadership training for me, if your time or schedule permits.
     Again, thank you for your love, patience, and understanding, and above all, the dynamic cutting-edge training that God blessed you to provide us.

Bishop Monte D Ware (PhD.)

Having known Richard Donkor for more than 20 years as a personal friend, I have observed his life as a husband, father and Pastor. In all of these areas, he has brought glory to God. I know Richard Donkor to be a man of vision, purpose and passion. His integrity and strong spiritual character have marked the lives of many people from different walks of life. With his unique style of teaching and preaching, Richard is helping Christian workers and leaders get to the next level, so they can in turn become effective in helping their pastors fulfill the vision God has given them, and the ministries to which they are called.

Augie and Mary Barajas are the Senior Pastors of Victory Outreach Ministries International, Eagle Rock, California. Together, they have nurtured many leaders and pioneered several churches. Their missionary outreach, extends beyond the US to Mexico, Latin America, Africa and other regions of the world.

This is a brief account of the impact of the ministry of Pastor Richard D. Donkor on my personal spiritual life, and on my quest for leadership development. I have often told friends that the greatest miracle I have ever witnessed, is not that of the healing of the blind or the sick, but of the anointing of God upon the life of Pastor Donkor, an anointing that has transformed him into a spiritual leader and teacher. He, without a doubt, is a product of the mercies of God.

Pastor Donkor is a firm believer in and advocate for Holistic Ministry where the spiritual, emotional, financial and physical needs of the community are discerned and ministered to. Having known him for almost 28 years, and having been under his leadership for the past seven , I can testify of the hand of God upon him. His zeal and commitment to developing quality leaders for the work of the ministry is unparalleled; second to none. His life, conversion, ministry and teachings have greatly helped me develop my leadership potential and skills, skills which I have harnessed and had occasion to utilize in my own home and personal life, as well as in business affairs.

Joseph Quansah holds a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering. He is currently a Computer Systems Analyst. Mrs. Jennifer Quansh is a Registered Nurse.

I first met Pastor Richard almost 20 years ago in Victory Outreach then in Glendale, now in Eagle Rock California, a year after he had arrived from his motherland - Ghana, West Africa. Our acquaintance quickly developed into a friendship, a friendship that has grown and been maintained over these 20 plus years.

Richard Donkor’s heart-beat of planting churches, particularly Multi-racial and national churches, equipping the believer for more effective ministry in the church and developing quality leadership to support pastors in the work of the ministry, is very apparent in his approach to ministry and delivery of the Word of God.

Richard Donkor does not only talk about it; he has lived it, supporting and lifting up the hands of my own pastor, as an associate, for about three years as an equipper of the believers in our church, in the areas of discipleship and leadership. Richard Donkor's gift of, and passion for empowering, training and equipping believers for supportive roles in the church, is a much-needed ministry in the body of Christ today. His ministry insights, gained over almost 28 years of full-time ministry experience and solid theological and educational background, will surely enrich your church and ministry.

I fully recommend him to pastors and leaders of churches and ministries.

Joe Contaldi is an ordained Evangelist with Victory Outreach Ministries International. He is the author of several books, popular among them: "The Worms that Spoil the Fruit."

I have known Pastor Richard both personally, as a friend, and ministry partner for over 20 years. Pastor Richard is a motivated teacher and trainer. He is a dynamic leader, a powerful and humble instrument used of God in inspiring, equipping and preparing both churches and individuals for greater effectiveness in the work of the ministry. I can testify of the Lord’s power working in and through this vessel. His ministry will bless your life, church and ministry.

Glen and Maria are ordained ministers of the Gospel. Currently, Glen functions as a Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist, Businessman and Real Estate Developer.

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